Something that everyone should not hold back from is embracing their sexual desires and fantasies by involving toys during their sessions. Here at Maithuna Toys, you will be able to find a collection of high-quality sex toys that fit various fetishes and kinks. Whether or not you are familiar with those kinks or not, it is never too late to pick a sex toy of your liking and try it out by yourself or with your partner. If the idea of using that sex toys sounds good to you, there is a high chance that you will have a wonderful time when you try it out.

Vibrating sex toys and dildos for great pleasures

Whether you are searching for new pleasures for yourself or your partner, the best way to introduce yourself to sex toys is by trying out different vibrators or dildos. There is no need for anyone to start out with some “kinkier” sex toys, as there is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a dildo that you can use for penetration.

Most couples start their journey into the world of sex toys by getting a strap-on dildo or a vibrator to provide one another with additional pleasures during their lovemaking sessions. Of course, vibrating sex toys and dildos are also available for solo purposes too. If you are looking for a quick fix of sexual pleasures, or if you do not want someone to find a sex toy that is shaped like a phallus, then discreet vibrators are a fantastic choice as their name is quite fitting for the purpose they serve, such as the Kitty Licker.

Masturbation toys when you want to spice up your solos

Many would think that masturbators are strictly for those who are alone without someone to help them out with their needs. However, that is not true at all, as a lot of couples tend to have a masturbator, and sometimes they even have multiple masturbators in their home so they can use them on themselves or each other too.

Of course, if you live alone or if you are in a long-distance relationship, masturbators are the perfect way to spice up your solo. Like dildos and vibrators, which come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, masturbators are even more versatile. For example, 3D masturbators are perfect for those who happen to have a specific fetish. Foot fetish sex toys come in different forms and let the user put on lingerie on them to make them feel more realistic than they already are.

The prime example of foot fetish sex toys is Bottoms Up Poseable Legs, which is, you guessed it, a pair of realistic legs with a crotch area and a waist that you can move around and position in all of your favorite ways in order to fulfill your fantasies.

Fucking machines for hard action

If using a vibrator or a masturbator is not hardcore enough for you, then there is no better way to spice up your naughty session but to get a fucking machine. We have quite a big selection of fucking machines that will let you experience all kinds of pleasures. Whether you are into slow or rough sex, the fucking machines that we offer can easily pleasure all of your needs.

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Explore BDSM kinks

When the term BDSM comes into question, the first thing that most people will think of is bondage sex toys. While bondage kits and toys definitely fit the BDSM section, there are all kinds of other items that come into the BDSM section.

For instance, if you want to try something wild, you can get all kinds of kinky items that fit the animal roleplay category. You or your partner can enhance your roleplay as an animal along with your fury fetish by incorporating BDSM sex toys that will make you appear more animalistic.

There is also a kinkier side of BDSM, such as using rods, whips, clamps, paddles, and other items which are perfect for inflicting the ideal amount of pain and pleasure on yourself or your partner during a session. BDSM items are not only a great way to improve your foreplay but also the main part of the session.

If you have never tried anything related to BDSM, bondage kits are certainly the way to go, as they are perfect sex toys for those who are submissive as well as those who are dominant. Bondage kits come in all kinds of forms, and if you enjoy them during your first BDSM session, we highly encourage you to try something even kinkier from this category.

Anal adventures await

While BDSM is something that a lot of people would consider the kinkiest thing they can do while feeling naughty, many would instead say that anal pleasures are the ones for that title. Of course, this depends from person to person, and if you happen to be someone who is yet to try out anal play, you have come to the right place.

There is a high selection of anal vibrators that are the perfect opener toward anal pleasures, and if you are not ready to try a vibrator or a dildo right away, then anal beads are perhaps a better choice. Anal play is definitely not something that everyone will enjoy, but if you are someone who likes anal or if you have a partner who cannot have enough anal pleasures, then anal sex toys are the perfect item to get.

Make things more enjoyable with helpful items

Everyone has a moment when they are in a situation where they do not feel like performing or where their gear is malfunctioning, and there should be no shame in that. However, during those situations, if you would still want to continue things and turn them into something positive, there are all kinds of helpful items that can enhance your sessions, such as pumps and lubes.

Enlargement gear is there to come to your aid when you need it the most if you want to pump up the size of your penis, your clit, or even your breasts and nipples. The selection of enlargement gear is quite vast, and you can easily find something that will save you from a disappointing session with your partner.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to make things even more interesting, especially for oral intercourse and anal play, lubricants can expand the pleasures you are experiencing by an amount you are probably not expecting. Lubricants come in all forms and flavors, and they can really put a twist on your session.

If you are someone who is used to using lubricants during your sessions, you can also check out the lube applicators in our collection, as they will make applying lube more efficient, and with that, you will also have better use of them too.

Do not fear to explore your desires

Whether you are an experienced sex toy user or you are new to this world, if you find a sex toy that seems interesting and to your liking, you should listen to your instincts, as it is quite rare that this type of intuition ends up being an underwhelming expectation.

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