Have you ever thought about surprising your partner with something new in the bedroom but never knew what to do? Well, with a little help from Maithuna Toys' sex shop, you can purchase something kinky enough to please both you and your partner. Whether you are into hardcore stuff or something beginners would prefer, the store at our shop has a wide range of toys that are suitable for all adults who want to experience something new.

We all have different fetishes, and it would be a shame if we didn't fulfill all our needs. Some might be into feet, so they would look for foot fetish sex toys, but others might want to step up the game a little bit and try something like anal beads on their partners. Since our store offers hundreds of sex toys, bondage kits, and all kinds of other items that can be used for pleasure or punishment, we will talk about some of the toys that were the best sellers so far and helped customers experience something new.

Taking control over your partner

This idea might have been a little too much for some people, but everyone who comes to our shop and wants to purchase some of the best bondage sex toys has definitely changed their mind. Being in control is something a lot of people want, whether that's a woman or a man. Some people like to play the submissive role, and others like to take full control and be the dominant partner.

Regardless of which role you want to play during your BDSM session, the toys in our store are suitable for both genders and will provide you with unimaginable pleasure like never before. We'll list some of the toys that ended up being best sellers.

Crimson Tied Embossed Wrist Cuffs

This pair of cuffs is a perfect toy for someone who is just getting into the bondage game and wants to take things slow. Cuffs are made from the finest material that won't hurt your partner during your BDSM fun. These cuffs can be adjusted from 8.5 inches to 12.5 inches, meaning they will fit most wrists.

You can get these cuffs only in one universal size and color, as shown. The combination of black and red looks outstanding on these cuffs and will definitely help you spice up your sex life. If you are interested in stepping up your game in the bedroom, you can get this amazing pair of cuffs for only $25 right now!

Hog-Tie Restraint System

Taking control over your partner has a new meaning when you decide to use a restraint system like this. This bondage kit comes with cuffs for wrists and ankles connected with a short leash, leaving your partner in a perfect position for punishment. The cuffs are made from the finest leather, providing your partner and yourself with ultimate pleasure without risking any injuries.

The size of these cuffs is adjustable. The wrist cuffs can fit any size between 2 and 8 inches. In the case of ankle restraints, the size goes from 2 to 10 inches. This pair of hog-tie restraints comes only in black and one universal size that was perfect for every customer so far. If you want to surprise your partner with something unusual, you can purchase this hog-tie restrain system for $43 and let the fun begin as soon as you get the chance!

Extreme Bondage Table

Those who aren't new to the bondage scene are looking for something more extreme that will finally bring them pleasure. Well, if you are one of those who want to step up your BDSM game, you will definitely appreciate this item on the list. Extreme bondage table might be a little expensive, but we promise it is worth it if you want something new and unique.

Not only do you get a table, but you also get a pair of restraints that can be attached to the table, allowing you to take control over your partner and do anything you'd like. At first, someone would think that this table is for massage, but if you take a closer look, you will see that there is another hole in the middle of the table, and we can tell you that it's not for your head. That's where you put your crotch area and do anything you'd like. The table is covered with the best leather material, meaning you will have an amazing time while lying there and getting pleased or vice versa. If spending $540 on a table with restraints doesn't sound like a big deal to you, you can get it right now and start doing kinky things with your partner!

Step up your anal game!

Have you ever wanted to try anal sex but were too scared it would hurt? Well, Maithuna Toys offers a wide range of sex toys that will help you overcome your fear of anal and become an expert. Whether you want to start off with smaller anal beads or want to grab the biggest dildo ever made, we've got you covered!

Hosed 19 Inch Beaded Thick Anal Snake

This long sex toy comes with eight big black beads that are all the same size. Most anal beads usually get gradually bigger in size, but this toy is not like that. It might seem like this toy would be more suitable for experienced people, but you shouldn't be scared by its size of it. It might be a little longer than anything you've ever seen, but the combination of water-based lube will slip into you without any problem and provide you with pleasure like never before.

If you finally want to see all the hype about anal, you can start with these 19-inch black anal beads that will set you back at only $46. You don't have to use the whole length of this toy in the beginning, but it will certainly come in handy if you want to test yourself.

Chrome Blast 7X Rechargeable Butt Plug with Remote Control

This amazing rechargeable butt plug will do everything for you. You just have to insert it in your butt and let this amazing toy do its magic. The size of this butt plug is just perfect for everyone. It's not too big, and it's definitely not small. Using this toy is very simple, but it does with an instruction manual to show you all the perks this toy has.

This toy is controlled with remote control. All you have to do is turn on both devices and wait for them to pair. After that, you can start pleasing yourself or your partner with just one lick. If you want to try to have some anal fun with your partner or by yourself, you can get this anal vibrator for $51.

How to choose the perfect toy?

We can't give you a correct answer to this question because it all comes down to your preferences. Some people might want to take a look at foot fetish sex toys and tickle their partner, but others might want to go in the other way and choose one of the anal vibrators we have in store. Regardless of the toy you choose, we guarantee they are made from the best materials to ensure the best pleasure for your partner and yourself.