Recent studies have shown that one in seven people have had one foot-related sexual fantasy in their life, which means that besides genitals, foot fetish is one of the most common sexually preferred body parts. This has led to the creation of many foot fetish sex toys that can make your experiences a lot more fun. That said, foot fetish is a very broad niche, because it can encompass anything from an erotic fixation to foot accessories to someone sucking, touching, or pleasuring your toes.

Of course, this differs from one person to the other. Our feet are actually incredibly sensitive. According to CFPM (Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine), the soles of our feet have more sensitive nerve endings per square cm than almost any other part of the body. Foot fetish is often involved in other kinks, as well. For example, the dom/sub play often leads to stepping on or using your sub as a footstool.

If you find feet or clothing that touches those areas arousing, you might just have a fetish for feet. Keep in mind that foot fetish is a spectrum. For example, some people are only attracted to the feet of a person they are into, while others enjoy admiring feet but have no interest in physical contact with them. Then there are the more extreme ones who love to lick and suck on toes, and they enjoy foot jobs and even foot penetration.

Having a fixation on foot-related objects, such as hosiery or specific shoes, can also be considered part of the foot fetish. Some people focus on certain parts of the feet, while others appreciate it all. Regardless, if you are eager to spice up your foot fetish satisfaction, here are some of the best foot fetish sex toys you can consider.

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Sexy stockings and pantyhose

Not everyone who appreciates a beautiful woman in stockings has a foot fetish, but they are incredibly closely related. If you think a woman becomes 10x sexier when wearing stockings, then you definitely have a foot fetish. Lucky for you, the world is filled with tons of sexy stockings, pantyhose, and other accessories that can spice up your sex life!

For example, those who enjoy the feeling of latex can check out the thigh-high latex stockings. Remember to use talcum powder when putting them on, and apply some latex shine if you want a glossy black finish. You could also consider going back to basics, such as lace stockings or a fishnet bralette with a garter, instead.


As was mentioned, our feet are super sensitive. If you enjoy the soft and tickling sensations, you could pick one of many fun ticklers. One of the most popular tickler toys is the feather tickler, which is super soft and effective. Dragging that gently on all parts of the body will cause your partner’s senses to act up, without a doubt! Ticklers are often seen as part of BDSM foreplay, but you can use them however you want.

Candle dripping

Individuals who enjoy stinging and burning sensations should consider indulging in candle play. There’s nothing quite like having hot candle wax dripped all over your body while focusing on the soles of your feet. Most candles can be used for this experience, but the flame drippers candle set was specifically formulated for easy melting and dripping. This makes the candle set perfect for candle dripping of any kind!

Leg Binders

For couples who enjoy torture play, you’ll definitely get a kick out of strict leather leg binders. This is a BDSM toy that allows you to lock up your lover and restrain them from moving their legs, making their feet stay in place. Combining the toy with any other restraints gives you full control over your partner! You can then use ticklers or other toys to tease their feet or just enjoy yourself in other naughty ways.

There are also extreme enforcer humbler and ankle restraints that are designed for men. These restraints are perfect for dom/sub play, as they allow you to be in full control over your partner. The restraints will keep your man in place, with his feet out in the open. As he cannot move around properly, you can tease his feet as much as you want.

Sex dolls

Although all we actually had in the past were blow-up dolls, today, there are a lot of super high-quality realistic sex dolls you can purchase for your naughty entertainment. Many of these dolls are made from ultra-high-quality materials, with all the essential details included, which also means you get to enjoy their feet!

For example, the Jesse Jane Fantasy doll is life-sized, and it comes with all the sexy curves and very detailed and soft feet. You can use the doll however you want, which is the beauty of it! Combine the doll with some sexy stockings or other kinds of foot accessories that get your attention, and enjoy yourself. Indulge in some hot foot job experiences and combine the toy with toy-safe lubricant!

Get creative with restraints

If you are overwhelmed by the choices, you could always go back to the basics. There are a lot of sex restraints that can help you position and restrain your partner however you want, allowing you to have easy access to their feet and other erogenous zones. For example, you can use hemp bondage rope or have fun with some bondage tape instead. Restrain your partner, and use ticklers or other toys to make them feel good!

Explore your fetishes with toys!

Fetishes are a natural part of our sexual fantasies, and we should embrace them. If you think you have a foot fetish, there are many fun toys you can test out. You could always start with different types of outfits and accessories or engage in the basics without using toys. Once you learn what gets you and your partner in the right mood, you should enhance your experiences with the right kinds of foot fetish-related sex toys. Are you ready to indulge in these new foot fetish sensations? Just visit the MaithunaToys’ store! There, you can find products that’ll take your foot fetish to a different level, allowing you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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