Nothing lasts forever. Your treasured collection of anal beads and anal vibrators will at some point in future, ‘give up’ on you. It is sad to think about it but it is the reality. This is especially the case with electronic toys. They malfunction after years of use. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it sometimes happen when you least expect. You could be seconds away from a euphoric orgasm and surprise! The vibrator gives out its last buzz.

Here’s the thing with toys – there are always tale tell signs that you need to get new ones. You only need to pay attention. Surprisingly, some of the signs have nothing to do with the toys but everything to do with you. Either way, there always comes a time when you have no choice but to get new toys. Here’s a list of 8 signs that you should get new toys asap.

You Can’t Remember When You Last Had A Good Orgasm

You use your toys each night. They make you happy. For some reason though, you just can’t remember the last time you had a good orgasm. This wasn’t the case when you first bought your toys. Back then, you enjoyed back to back mind-blowing orgasms night after night. Not anymore. The relationship you currently have with your toys has gone stale.

The first rule – a cardinal one so to speak is a simple one – it happens! People outgrow their toys. It is exactly the same thing with falling in and out of love. One moment you’re all over each other. The sex feels great. You enjoy each other’s company. You can’t keep your hands off each other. Then it happens. You fall out of love. You both agree to part ways. A new partner comes along and the sex feels great again.

 Get a new toy and bring the sexy back! There could be nothing wrong with your toys. It could be that you had created a routine. One that felt monotonous. You needed to change things a little bit. Here’s what’s strange though. Sometimes you really don’t need to change your toys. You only need to make simple changes like the lighting in your room or the playlist you listen to when using your toys.

Your Toys Don’t Excite You Anymore

As already mentioned, you can outgrow your toys. You don’t hate them. It’s just that they don’t excite you anymore. It is easy to know when this happens. The thought of using your toys alone could’ve been all you needed to get a hard-on or get wet. That doesn’t happen anymore. The sight or the thought of your toys don’t trigger anything anymore. This is usually a good sign that yeah, you need new bondage kits.

Your Partner Complains

There’s something sexy about using sex toys with your partner. The sex feels better. The orgasms feel great too. More importantly though, you learn more about your body in ways you never thought you could. It happens though that sometimes, you and your partner end up disagreeing on which toys you should use.

In many cases, disagreements over sex toys happen long after you’ve both been using the same toys for ages. It may not have occurred to you that you need to change things. You could be perfectly okay with what you’re currently using. Your partner on the other hand could be adamant that unless you change your toys, you won’t be getting ‘some’ for quite some time. Your best bet here is to strike a compromise. Ultimately though, you may have no choice but to buy brand new toys.

You Struggle To Sleep

Hold on, hold on before you claim this is outrageous. This has everything to do with orgasms. Now, it could be that you’re no longer excited about your sex toys. That means no orgasms for you. The frustrations can in turn means that you struggle to sleep. There’s a simple solution here – get new toys for better orgasms.

Your body releases lots of oxytocin hormones when you’re having an orgasms. Oxytocin is the same hormone commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone’. It lowers cortisol which is mother of all stress hormones. Cortisol is by all means a bad hormone. It rises on its own in the morning to wake you up. As the day progresses, it takes a nosedive. If for some reason it is still high in the evening, you’ll have a hard time sleeping. Have an orgasm though and the hormone plummets into oblivion. So yeah, you need that toy to get your oxytocin hormones kicking. Once you’ve had an orgasm, your body secrets prolactin in high amounts. Prolactin is yet another good hormone. High amounts of it after an orgasm means you’ll feel relaxed and very sleepy.

Visible Damage

Use your toys too often and sooner or later, they’ll get damaged. This is often the case with bondage sex toys. It happens because there’s often an element of rough sex when using bondage kits. Now, thing tells you more you need to replace your toys than the sight of damage on your toys. It could be warped surfaces, cracks or even missing parts. You certainly won’t enjoy sex with damaged toys. Plus, using damaged toys is a health hazard. You already know what to do here – get new toys.

Faulty Toys

You try to buzz your vibrator but it doesn’t vibrate or it vibrates and dies two seconds later. You put at the strongest vibration mode but it doesn’t feel as strong as you want it to. This is of course, annoying. It is usually the case with knock offs or cheap brands that sweep expectations under the carpet. All is not lost here though. At least you know first-hand that you should always go for high quality toys. Ditch the faulty one and splurge on one decent toy for once.

Pain When You Use Toys

Toys should be all about fun. You should feel good each time you use them. What happens though when instead of pleasure, you feel pain? It could be that you have the wrong size of the toy where size should be considered before a purchase. It could also be that you’re not using the toy as you should. Use some lube. If the pain persists, ditch the toy and get a new one. It is really that simple.


You could and should actually get new toys just because you can. If it makes you happy and you can afford it, then why not? This shouldn’t be a big deal. Sometimes all you need is fun and the only thing standing between you and the kind of fun you want is that decision to get a new toy.

It could also be that you crave for something different. Think of it as diet. You’ll at some point want something different. Chicken salad every other night will eventually feel monotonous. Try something new. Something different. But a new toy.

Wrap Up

It may not be what you want to hear but it is something you certainly need to hear. You’ll have to replace your favourite sex toy after some time. This isn’t a bad thing. It is in fact, a good thing because it means you’ll have to upgrade. This can in turn mean new and better experiences. It could also mean better orgasms and a stronger bond between you and your partner. Be sure to have a talk with your partner before investing in new toys.