After some time, it is entirely natural for our sex life to become a bit boring or repetitive. For some, the same-old sexual experience is all they really need, while others are always looking for something new to spice their naughty business with. So, if you have realized that your sex life is not as exciting as you think that it should be, do not fret; there are many new things you can try! Many people do not realize how big of effect sex toys can have on your sex life, and in a good way. Sex toys are created in order to give you the highest of the highs, and if you use them with a partner, you open yourself to many hot experiences.

Keep an Open Mind

The most important aspect of spicing things up in the bedroom is to be open to many new experiences. There might be some trial and error before you find something that both you and your partner will enjoy, but you will never be able to do that unless you give it a try. Lucky for you, the world is filled with tons of amazing sex toys, which you will surely enjoy. It all comes down to finding your perfect fit, so what kind of things do you enjoy in the bedroom?

Finding the perfect toy comes down to your choice and knowing where to browse for the toy in the first place. The Maithuna Toys shop has a selection of the hottest sex toys that will surely get you in the right mood. Not to mention that all of the sex toys have proper pictures included, as well as descriptions, so you know what you are getting yourself into. You can easily browse through the website by checking out the search options on top of the site. Thus, whatever you might be searching for, there is a high chance that you will find it all in Maithuna Toys sex shop.

Sex Toys You Should Consider

The best way to find the perfect toy that will satisfy you and your partner is to search for it together. Find something you both can enjoy, or you can find a sex toy just for yourself. There are many options to consider, depending on the naughtiness that you are expecting in the first place. That is why it is always a good idea to browse through a sex shop and look at all your options, as you are bound to find a toy that will make your cock hard.


Are you into sub-dom play? If so, you will be happy to know that there are a variety of BDSM toys you could consider. For example, you can get the sub collar for your beautiful sub. The sub collars have an attachment for the leash, so you can be in full control of your partner. There are also a ton of other toys you can consider, from hardcore bondage kits to sexy outfits. The variety of toys that come within the BDSM section is wild, so if you enjoy hardcore pleasures, BDSM is the category for you.

Anal Toys

You’d be surprised to know how many people have not tried anal loving. If you and your partner have yet to explore that domain, there are tons of fun sex toys you could consider to make the whole experience more fun. For example, have you heard of the thunder beads? These beads come with an anal wand attachment, and they offer both a massage and beads to penetrate the ass. Thunderheads are definitely a good choice for both beginners and pros, but there are tons of others toys you can consider, such as butt plugs, anal dildos, enemas, and other.

Solo Toys

In case you are searching for something that’ll make your solo time a lot more thrilling, there are a ton of masturbation toys you can consider as well! These include all sorts of fleshlights, to simulate mouths, pussies, or asses… then there are tons of vibrators, dildos, and even fuck machines! In case you prefer realistic toys, there are silicone love dolls you can purchase and other body parts that are perfect for hot solo fun. It all comes down to whether your personal preference!

Other Necessities!

Of course, nothing will be fun if you do not have the proper enhancers, such as lubricants and more! Lucky for you, at this store, you can find all sorts of lubricants that will make the whole experience so much better. For example, you have anal lubes, creams, and lotions, flavored lubes, silicon-based lubes, toy cleaners, and so on. You can also consider the fist powder, which is a safe, slippery, and long-lasting body massage powder that turns into an easy-to-clean-off lubricant and gets the job done.

Let’s also not forget the beauty of enlargement gear! For example, you have vaginal pumps that will make the vagina swell up completely. There are nipple enlargers and tons of breast pumps that are perfect for focusing on the breasts and making them bigger. The nipple enlargement will make the nipples swell up double the size! On the other hand, there are tons of penis pumps as well; if you want to make your cock swell up for extreme pleasures, you should definitely consider these toys.

Foreplay is Very Important

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that no matter which toy you decide to purchase, if you do not try your best in the bedroom, no toy will save your sex life. In case your partner is not satisfied, try implementing a vibrator in the bedroom. Use the vibrator along with your fingers for ultimate pleasure! As for pleasing a man, you can always purchase lubricants and cock rings and give them the time of their life.

Do not jump right to the naughty act, and enjoy each other in the bedroom a bit more. Foreplay is often overlooked, but that is one of the most important aspects of fucking. Before you get down to do the dirty deed, it is important that you get your beauty prepared! That’s why purchasing some of these sex toys and especially lubricates, is the right choice.

Get Creative

You should also keep your mind open to other things. For example, try to be creative in the bedroom and try something you’ve never tried before. You could always try something simple, like role play. Get into your favorite roles, be devoted, and act out naughty scenes. You can also use costumes and other things to make the scenes a lot more exciting and fun. If you are not that into role play, consider other things you have never tried before. Talk to your partner, browse through the sex shop, and find the perfect toy to try together! Or purchase a solo toy for masturbation, your choice.


After a while, sex can become boring. This happens to many of us, and there is nothing to worry about. If sex has become repetitive and no longer fun, there are many things you can try to make the experience a lot more thrilling. Browse through the Maithuna Toys shop, and you will find all kinds of sex toys to purchase. You have a huge selection of masturbation, BDSM, anal, and other toys… including equipment, such as enlargement gear, lubes, fucking machines, etc. There’s nothing that can spice up your sex life like some of these naughty sex toys!